Olmert predicts left coalition will get help from Joint List

Olmert predicted Gantz would form the next government with help from the Arab parties and called Netanyahu a "liar" whom he can't stand.

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אהוד אולמרט
אהוד אולמרט
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Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is convinced that the right will lose next week's election, and that the Blue and White party will be able to form a minority government with the aid of the Joint List that will last a few months and allow Netanyahu to be overthrown.

"Netanyahu's tenure already came to an end a year ago. He is a temporary prime minister acting under a law that allows him to maintain power until a new government is formed. He [doesn't have a] parliamentary majority, nor will he have one once elections results are in," Olmert said at the Ma'ariv conference.

"I am convinced that there is no way for him to form a government after the March 2nd elections. I said it in April and September, and I say it today - Netanyahu will not [be able to] form a government. "

Asked whether Gantz would be the one to form the next government instead, Olmert replied: "I don’t' know [but] I believe there is a chance that a minority government will eventually emerge in a completely different political situation at the end of the 2020 year."

He said the first change that needs to take place is new leadership in the Likud. "Sa'ar is crying over the incitement against Netanyahu, but he's forgetting how a month ago he [was the one] complaining about Netanyahu's incitement against him."

Olmert responded to the question of why Netanyahu's popularity is on the rise despite the charges filed against him. "In the 1981 elections, Begin headed the Likud and received 48 seats. In 1988, Shamir got 41. In 2003, the [Netanyhau]-led Likud received only 38 seats. Netanyahu has weakened the Likud relative to the achievements of its former leaders. The Likud has many supporters who do not identify with Netanyahu personally, but with the policy he purports to represent."

When asked if his criticism of Netanyahu was personal, Olmert replied that "A lot of it is personal. Netanyahu is a liar, a divider. There's not a single thing I can stand about him. He's harming the interests of the State of Israel."

Asked about his meeting with PA chairman Abu Mazen, the former prime minister said that, "The difference between Netanyahu and me [is that he] meets with murderers and I meet with Abu Mazen who's fighting the terrorists. Security officials will tell you this. Abu Mazen is the only one who cooperates with Israeli security forces [to prevent] terror."

"Netanyahu, by the way, does not accept the 'The Deal of the Century.' He does not support the Trump plan, and if he [does] support a plan that discusses a 'Palestinian' state with East Jerusalem as its capital, please let me know."

"If you want to make peace, you have to [hold negotiations]. Whom does Netanyahu talk to – Hamas or Abu Mazen?"

Olmert said he thinks Netanyahu hasn't ordered a full-scale attack of Gaza because "he's a coward. Did I ever say I'd destroy Hamas? Hezbollah? Never. But ask Hezbollah whom they miss more: me or Bibi? It's been quiet in the north [of the country] for 13 and a half years. Bibi declared he'd destroy Hamas. Has Hamas been destroyed or is it the one dictatiing our actions? The only thing [the current] government is doing [against Hamas] is begging Qatar to send it money."

Responding to questions of whether he will run for office now that a formal request to expunge his criminal past has been submitted, Olmert pined that his future is more likely to consist of journalim than politics.

"16 years after this supposed offense was allegedly committed I'm trying to get it expunge [my criminal record]. What does that have to do with politics? I want to be Jerusalem Post's next editor-in-chief. If not, there's always Maariv. "