Benny Gantz: Gabi Ashkenazi will be appointed Minister of Defense in my government

Blue and White chairman visits Gaza envelope, promises that Ashkenazi will "correct Netanyahu's failures".

Hezki Baruch ,

Gantz and Ashkenazi
Gantz and Ashkenazi
Elad Malka

Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz promised on Monday that he will appoint MK Gabi Ashkenazi as Defense Minister if he forms the next government.

"There are security challenges facing us in all areas, including the health emergency in the face of the coronavirus, which I am not sure is being properly addressed. The Israeli defense establishment must give an orderly response to all the challenges we are facing - in the south, north, east, near and far, including Iran," said Gantz during a visit to the Gaza envelope region.

He added, "In order to deal with these challenges and put an end to Netanyahu's failure against [Hamas leader Ismail] Haniyeh and the other challenges - we have here the man who will be Israel's Defense Minister - Gabi Ashkenazi. I am convinced that Gabi, together with me as Prime Minister and Bogie [Ya’alon] as a senior member of the Political-Security Cabinet, will lead the system, put all the necessary systems in order, and properly exercise power in all areas in general and in the south in particular. Israel will have to choose between a Defense Minister and a professional cabinet, or a Defense Minister who is a political nominee and an amateur cabinet of puppets."

Ashkenazi said, "We have come to strengthen the Israeli envelope. To express appreciation to the IDF soldiers who are even now working to keep the area safe. The general feeling of the residents is that it is permissible to fire on the south. I want to say to the citizens and the people of Israel - this is not a decree. This reality is unbearable and everyone who lives here knows it didn't start yesterday with the explosives [on the border].”

"This is not the first time we have been dealing with terrorist organizations. A sense of security can be provided here. There are children on the northern border who have not heard a siren for 15 years. Hamas has two options: A long-term arrangement which we prefer, bringing back the boys and complete quiet, in exchange for an improvement in the economic situation in Gaza. If that doesn't work - we'll have to act forcefully,” he added.