Settlement leaders: 'Netanyahu seems trying to steal credit'

Senior settlement officials refer to PM announcement to connect certain communities to water and electricity: 'Empty promises'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Home in Esh Kodesh
Home in Esh Kodesh
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday promised to connect to water and electricity grid twelve young communities in Judea and Samaria, sometimes referred to as outposts, that are defined as being on the "regulatory horizon".

However, senior settlement figures familiar with the details explain that nothing is happening on the ground: "Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is just making promises. Nothing has progressed. They didn't connect a single community or house."

According to these senior officials, "Netanyahu was defense minister for a year and did nothing to connect the young communities to electricity and water."

The officials explain that the process is stuck in legal bureaucracy, and even now, after the Prime Minister's declaration, it is unknown what the legal advisor's position will be: "It is a shame he's mocking the settlers with idle promises.

"It was precisely Naftali Bennett when he took office who started pushing the issue and pushing hard, and it seems as if the Prime Minister was just trying to steal credit," the senior officials added.

In a letter by the Prime Minister's Office acting Director Ronen Peretz to Assistant Defense Minister for Settlement Affairs Avi Roeh, the issue is twelve communities to be connected to the water and electricity grid.

The localities in question are: Nofei Nehemiah, Havot Yair, 851, Maoz Tzvi, Shacharit (all five of which are in Samaria), Pnei Kedem-Metzad and Tekoa D (in Gush Etzion), Negohot West-Mitzpeh Lachish, Givat Avigail, Asael on Mount Hebron, and Esh Kodesh and Achiya in Binyamin.