Ashkelon boy says: 'We heard a boom, Mom lay down on top of me'

Mother, son, describe reactions to unexpected rocket attacks on Ashkelon. 'We're second-class citizens.'

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Rocket hits kibbutz near Gaza border
Rocket hits kibbutz near Gaza border
Noga Banodiz-Sihu /TPS

Shani Ben-Abu, the Ashkelon mother who flung herself over her son Ilai on Sunday to protect him from a rocket attack, spoke about the incident with 103 FM Radio.

On Sunday, Gaza terror organizations fired a barrage of 22 rockets on communities in southern Israel, including on Ashkelon. The IDF retaliated by attacking terrorist targets in both Gaza and Damascus.

"It happened when we were on the way to Ilai's after-school activity," she said. "He was scared, I let out a yell without realizing. My ex is abroad and I'm alone with the kids, one of them has special needs and doesn't respond well to sirens."

"It just ruins children's childhood. They grow up at war. We're second-class citizens."

Ilai added: "It was scary. The missiles were over our heads, and I heard the boom. Mom lay down on top of me."