Smotrich to Lapid: 'Cut the nonsense'

Bezalel Smotrich reacts to MK Yair Lapid's statement that 'we lack 2-3 seats to form a government with a Jewish majority.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) reacted to MK Yair Lapid's (Blue and White) statement in the "Meet the Press" program that, "We lack 2-3 seats to form a government with a Jewish majority."

Smotrich quipped: "Hi, Yair. Please cut the nonsense. You're well aware that 'a Jewish majority' alone is not enough."

"Without 61 seats you will not be able to pass a budget or any other law. [In order to form a coalition], you're going to have to rely on the support of the Arab terrorist supporters in the Knesset who by no means will let you have it for free."

Lapid and other members of the Blue and White party, which is currently leading Likud by a slim margin in the third Knesset race this calendar year, have claimed they will not sit in a coalition with the Joint Arab List. They have also ruled out partnering with a Netanyahu-led Likud.

Since the Religious Zionist Yamina faction and the haredi parties have, for their part, indicated their loyalty to the Prime Minister and unwillingness to cooperate with Blue and White, unless the right-wing coalition is able to muster additional Knesset seats, all indications point to an additional Knesset race.