Trump's job approval hits all-time high

Multiple polls show Trump hitting highest job approval rating on record - just weeks after he was acquitted in Senate impeachment vote.

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Mike Pence and Donald Trump
Mike Pence and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating hit an all-time high Thursday, just two weeks after the impeachment proceedings against him were ended with the US Senate voting to acquit on both articles of impeachment.

According to the RealClearPolitics rolling average of polls, President Trump’s average job approval rating hit 46.0% on Thursday – the highest level ever recorded – while his average disapproval rating fell to 50.9%, for a net approval rating of minus 4.9 points.

Trump’s job approval rating hit 46.0% according to the RCP average shortly after he was sworn into office, but has remained below that level since early February 2017.

That’s slightly below President Barack Obama’s job approval rating at this point in his first term – February 21st 2012 – when Obama enjoyed a 48.6% job approval rating according to the RCP average, compared to a 46.8% average disapproval rating.

Several individual polls gave Trump his highest approval rating this week, including Gallup, which showed him with 49% of all Americans approving of Trump’s job performance.

Earlier this month, another Gallup poll also showed Trump with 49% job approval – his all-time best performance in the Gallup poll.

That previous poll, however, showed Trump with a net negative job approval rating of minus one point, with 50% of Americans disapproving of his job performance.

This week’s Gallup poll, on the other hand, showed Trump’s job disapproval rating dropping by two points to 48%, giving him a net positive rating of plus one.

A second poll released this week, by Emerson Polling, also gave Trump his highest job approval rating on record, with 48% of registered voters approving of his job performance, compared to 44% who disapproved, for a net rating of plus four.

The Emerson poll also shows Trump leading four of his five most likely Democratic opponents. Only Bernie Sanders was projected to defeat Trump in a head-to-head matchup, the poll found, beating Trump 51% to 49%.

Joe Biden, by contrast, would lose to Trump 48% to 52%, while Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, and Amy Klobuchar would all lose to Trump by two points, 49% to 51%.

A poll by ABC News and The Washington Post, however, showed Trump trailing all five of the aforementioned Democratic contenders, plus Elizabeth Warren, in head-to-head matchups.

State-by-state polling gave a mixed picture for the general election in November, with UNF poll Thursday showing Trump trailing Joe Biden in Florida by one point, Bloomberg by six, while leading Buttigieg and Klobuchar by four points each. Trump tied with Sanders and Warren.

A series of polls conducted by Quinnipiac in three key swing states Trump won in 2016 – Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – also gave mixed results.

The Quinnipiac poll shows the president leading all of his likely Democratic contenders in Wisconsin by wide margins ranging from seven points against Sanders and Biden, to eleven, against Amy Klobuchar.

In Pennsylvania and Michigan, however, all six of the most likely Democratic contenders lead Trump, but mostly by narrow margins, particularly in Michigan.