Israeli amb. to China:
Efforts to remove Israelis from quarantined areas underway

Ambassador Zvi Heifetz describes efforts to remove Israelis studying martial arts in areas of China in which coronavirus has broken out.

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Tomer Zvulun, Israeli removed from China
Tomer Zvulun, Israeli removed from China
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

The Foreign Ministry is investing heavily to bring back an Israeli who went to study kung fu in the Hubei province of China, where the coronavirus has broken out, according to the Israeli ambassador to the country, Zvi Heifetz.

Heifetz told 103 FM that the Israeli has been in the quarantine area for the past few weeks. "We are currently removing an Israeli named Tomer, who is in a small village near the city of Huwan. He went there to study kung fu and got stuck there because of the coronavirus."

"He will board a Ukrainian plane that will take him away and bring him to Ukraine. At the moment, the Israeli is boarding the plane," the ambassador added.

He said it was not the only rescue. "From another village in China, which is in complete quarantine, we were able to remove another Israeli, who went to study Tai Chi and got stuck there. We sent him a special vehicle and we had to make an effort and get him special permits to get him out."