Early voting begins in Israel's 3rd Knesset election

In 96 diplomatic missions around the world, voters cast ballots in the Israeli Knesset election. Voting down in China due to coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

אלי צריניג, שליחת בני עקיבא העולמי, מצביעה באוסטרליה
אלי צריניג, שליחת בני עקיבא העולמי, מצביעה באוסטרליה
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Election day in Israel is still twelve days away, but for Israeli delegations around the world, voting has already begun.

More than 5,200 Israelis with voting rights in 96 Israeli delegations around the world, divided among 77 countries are casting ballots for elections to the 23rd Knesset.

The first to votes were cast by representatives in the Israeli Embassy in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, who already selected yesterday, followed immediately after by the vote of embassy workers in Canberra, Australia.

At the polling booth in Canberra, among other things, representatives of worldwide Bnei Akiva, Daniela Cohen and Eli Tzrinig, who operate in Sydney. "It is exciting to be one of the first voters. We are on a mission to set up a bridge between Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities, so the sense of responsibility to vote and make an impact only grows," the two said.

The voting procedure in the delegations will finish tomorrow morning in San Francisco and Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States.

In China, some 160 Israelis were also expected to exercise their right to vote, but due to the spread of the Coronavirus, only about 20 of them are actually in the country. These are the Foreign Ministry emissaries who work in the five Israeli delegations operating in the country despite Coronavirus's spread.