New Tefillin for Israeli passengers of the ‘Coronavirus Ship’

Israelis in isolation will not be able to use any objects they used on the ship until all of them have been fully disinfected

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

התפילין מוכנות להגעת הישראלי מיפן
התפילין מוכנות להגעת הישראלי מיפן
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Relatives of the Israelis who were passengers on the coronavirus stricken cruise ship currently docked in Japan and who are expected to return to Israel this week, approached the chairman of the local branch of the United Torah Judaism party in Eilat, Or Meir Maimon, seeking help in obtaining tefillin for their family members who will need to stay in isolation at Sheba Medical Center for 14 days upon their return to Israel.

According to the Health Ministry, the Israelis who are in isolation may not use any items they used on the ship until all objects have been completely disinfected.

As observant Jews, the Israelis sought to obtain new tefillin (phylacteries) for them so they can put them on and pray, including when they will be in isolation at Tel Hashomer-Sheba Medical Center.

Or Meir Maimon approached Haim Amar, chairman of the Eilat religious council, and it was he who ensured that the tefillin will be waiting for the families at Sheba.

A spokesman for the families, Eliyahu Eliovitz, said that Israelis were happy that after their release from isolation the tefillin will be donated to families in need.