The most interesting trends happening on Instagram In 2020

2020 is primed to be the biggest year yet for Instagram.

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Instagram login screen
Instagram login screen

2020 is primed to be the biggest year yet for Instagram.

With a ton of new features just unveiled and a lot of marketers establishing new strategies for getting their presence to grow, the new trends hitting the platform are some of the most inventive yet. And if you’ve been wondering what’s happening, luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few of the top trends to look out for in 2020. Check them out below:

Engagement Services Taking Off

One of the biggest trends of the past year has been engagement services, which enable you to gain real followers and likes without the need for farms or bots. A lot of these agencies enable you to buy instant and automatic Instagram likes from real accounts, providing you with a solution that can help bolster campaigns in no time.

Especially helpful if you find yourself having several drip campaigns running at once, engagement services are one of the better tools on the market, and definitely something to consider implementing into your Instagram strategy as well.

The Rise Of AR Filters

What started as face filters to put funny characters on our face has now turned into a massive trend on Instagram. Blossoming into an area of categories that includes quizzes and dancing figurines, brands have started to get themselves involved in the mix for AR filters. Make no mistake, AR filters are more than just a fad, but a permanent part of our Instagram diet, and if you’re looking to be a part, there are a few things you can do.

With AR filters, the first thing you should consider is what type of graphic your brand can own, as well as why people would want to engage with that. For example, if you own a pizza place called Tony’s Pizza with some notable custom slices, then having a quiz of What Type of Tony’s Pizza Slice Are You? might engaging in your community. Brainstorm what type of ideas could be fun for your brand to explore, as these filters aren’t incredibly expensive to create, they definitely are a good addition to any Instagram marketing mix.

Influencer Culture Still Growing Strong

One sector that never seems to slow down is the usage of influencer marketing. As one of the most effective ways of acquiring earned media, influencers enable you to spread your word far and wide across the board.

From macro to micro-influencers, these individuals are widely trusted and respected by their base, giving you the chance to get in front of a new audience that otherwise would take some effort to discover you. Instead, an influencer can help you achieve a new status of awareness and recognition from a base on fans that could become your customers.

In seeking out an influencer, try to go after people you think would benefit from your business as much as you’d benefit from them. This means that it’d be ideal for your follower counts to be within a similar range, for example, if I’m at 1,000 followers, then going after someone within around 20-30,000 would be ideal. Additionally, the more niche you can target an influencer, the better, providing someone that will produce the best engage per what you’re trying to sell. No matter what genre, influencers can help your business grow tenfold, and should definitely be considered for your next campaign, hands down.

More Content Being Engaged With

People have become much more comfortable with engaging content, which many feels was a natural course for the platform. When we say engaging content, we’re specifically referring to quizzes, polls, and answering questions to share.

Although at first there was a level of shyness to participating in things like this, these are now practically daily content for brands, influencers, and regular people alike. Of course, the other half of why people ended up gravitating towards these more often is how much value they get out of them, as well as the sheer amount of participation.

Yes you can buy Instagram followers, but to get genuine participation from engaging content, the most significant consideration you need to think through is what you can say or ask that other people will be entertained both answering and reading.

Try to play through some different perspectives and scenarios in your head, giving you a chance to see if there could be any dead ends or answers that are bland. Remember, the goal here is to entertain fans who already enjoy what your brand is about, so play into the culture behind that.

Direct Buying Gradually Increasing

Finally, a big trend that’s continued to rise over the years is direct buying on Instagram, where people can shop natively on the app.

As something more and more fashion companies have been doing, this has led to some increased sales across the board, highlighting how much more accustomed we’ve gotten to Instagram integrating new solutions. And with Instagram shops on the rise, expect to see more customized sales directly for the platform.

Especially for strategies like flash sales and holiday sale campaigns, direct buying could offer exclusive opportunities for followers, as well as give them the chance to engage with the brand in an intimate way they haven’t before. For your brand, utilizing direct buying like this can be an excellent chance to see how people will engage with your offerings on a small scale, as well as why certain customers like some inventory over others.

Take the time to jot down a few direct buying strategies you might consider implementing, giving you the chance to really experiment around. With enough practice, you’d be surprised at how much you could sell directly from your page rather than going through a bunch of additional steps through your website.