Using only Jewish builders Shell of Kollel Chatzot Beit Medrash Nearing Completion

The stunning shell of The amazing and beautiful building Kollel Chatzos in Beitar is nearing completion.

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The amazing and beautiful building Kollel Chatzos in Beitar
The amazing and beautiful building Kollel Chatzos in Beitar
Kollel Chatzos

Kollel Chatzot is a unique learning and prayer center in Beitar Ilit, where the sounds of Torah and tefillah are heard every day of the year, every hour of the day. Founded two decades ago by Rav Yehoshua Meir Deutsch, the Kollel supports 110 outstanding avreichim who are part of a developing community of quality families.

One of the heartwarming features of the Kollel is that Jews from various different backgrounds feel welcome here. Indeed, the leil shishi shiur attracts people of all types and ethnicities from all over Gush Etzion and from across the country. It is also a popular stop for American bachurim learning in Israel and who wish to take part in Tikun Chatzot and the very inspiring learning that follows. Many find themselves changed by this powerful experience.

Built in Holiness

Kollel Chatzot is currently building a huge, magnificent new building, the Binyan Hakadosh, which will house the beit medrash with seating for 500, a mikveh, a women's section, a room for hospitality and small simchahs, a coffee room, and study rooms. Construction is moving forward at a steady clip, and the builders are now in the process of working on the roof with its distinctive, majestic dome.

Construction of the special dome – “the Gate to Heaven”
Kollel Chatzot

“The Rambam says that a shul must be built with exceptional splendor and beauty, more than a royal palace, and that this arouses Divine compassion,” Rav Deutsch explains. Indeed, every detail of the building is as aesthetic as it is functional, incorporating only the highest quality components and materials.

However, as far as Rav Deutsch is concerned, an essential component of the physical construction is the accompanying spiritual intent.

"I've prayed so much and for so long on behalf of this holy edifice," Rav Deutsch shares. "I want every aspect to be completed in holiness, including the construction itself." In this spirit, he has taken the rare step of hiring a construction company with only Jewish builders. "These workers are not only extremely professional, but they are shomrei Torah u'mitzvot!"

It's truly unusual to see a construction site – in Beitar, or anywhere in Israel — with only Jewish workers. But Rav Deutsch feels that it is crucial to support Jewish workers and to have only Jews involved in the construction of the beis medrash, regardless of the extra expense involved. He hopes others copy his example, if only to provide parnassah to other G-d fearing Jews. But clearly, there's more to it.

Construction workers davening Minchah on the roof next to the dome
Kollel Chatzos

"It's really a sight to behold," Rav Deutsch says. "They join the kollel members for Shacharit and breakfast, 'seasoned' with divrei Torah. When it comes time for Minchah, they pray with the avreichim right on site. From the outset, this was exactly what I had envisioned for the Binyan Hakadosh: every wall, every brick, will be infused with kedusha!"

According to Rav Deutsch, the Binyan Hakadosh will not be for one specific sector but for all of Am Yisrael. “Already now, the kollel attracts people of all types and from all over. Everyone feels at home here, and that is the way it should be!"

Waking Up at Midnight

The members of Kollel Chatzot wake up each night to recite Tikun Chatzot, mourning the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, followed by learning for several hours until morning. “Chatzot is an auspicious time like no other,” explains Rav Deutsch. “The holy Zohar states that whoever wakes up to pray and learn Torah at night merits both physical and spiritual protection throughout the day. That protection extends to the entire city, and to all of Am Yisrael!”

Rav Deutsch adds: “We learn that there are three places in the world where the Shecinah dwells at all times: at the Kotel, Kever Rachel, and any place where people learn together at chatzot. In fact, there isn’t one parshah in the holy Zohar without mention of the greatness of chatzot and the 'chevra kadisha'- meaning a group of ten men who learn at chatzot. And if the Shechinah dwells where there is a group of ten, what can we say about one hundred ten?!”

In extolling the greatness of reciting Tikun Chatzot and learning Torah, Rav Chaim Palagi writes that one who is unable to do so should strive to support a talmid chacham who can, and in that merit he will receive the same protection, blessing and salvation as the learner himself. In fact, says Rav Chaim Palagi, both the supporter and the learner have the power to bring the Geulah for all the Jewish People, in addition to personal salvation — above and beyond the laws of nature.

"Indeed, people who have sponsored the learning at Kollel Chatzot have merited truly miraculous yeshuot, in ways that cannot be explained," says Rav Deutsch. "People come to me all the time to give me the happy news about their yeshuot - in monetary matters, health issues, shidduchim and more."

Learning Torah during the midnight hours
Kollel Chatzos

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

Each member of the kollel has been hand-picked, having proven their seriousness and consistency, both in the ability to adhere to this very unconventional schedule as well as in their overall learning capabilities. Rav Deutsch relates that many of the kollel’s avreichim are accomplished talmidei chachamim, with extensive knowledge in both nigleh and nistar.

Kollel Chatzot offers a Yissachar-Zevulun partnership with a binding contract in which donors can receive an equal portion in the learning of a Kollel member in exchange for monthly support. This arrangement has the approbation of top rabbanim including Rav Yaakov Meir Shechter and Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein, who actually wrote up the contract and is himself an enthusiastic supporter.

There are also various other arrangements where people can sponsor the Kollel and Kollel avreichim will pray on the behalf of those donors.

Rav Deutsch is also offering donation opportunities in the Binyan Hakadosh. “Like with the Mishkan, where everyone brought whatever they felt moved to contribute, we are offering the opportunity for the everlasting merit of partnering in the Binyan Hakadosh,” Rav Deutsch says. Donors can buy as little as one square meter paid in 12 monthly installments in the beit medrash ($2,400), the mikveh ($1,800), the ezrat nashim ($2,000), or a window in the beit medrash ($7,200), and gain an everlasting merit for themselves or a family member. All dedications will appear on a plaque in the shul lobby.

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