Yamina candidate: Stop persecution of Jews on the Temple Mount

Yamina candidate Sara Beck called for the State of Israel to stop persecuting Jews ascending the Temple Mount and focus on real threats.

Eitan Divinsky ,

Jews visit Temple Mount
Jews visit Temple Mount

Yamina candidate Sara Beck criticized the arrest of former Likud MK Yehuda Glick on the Temple Mount Tuesday, accusing authorities of 'persecuting' Jews at the holy site.

She said that "A state of affairs wherein under Israeli sovereignty Jews cannot visit the Temple Mount without police supervising their every move is ridiculous and absurd. The policy of persecuting and restricting only Jews directly encourages extreme Muslim elements."

Beck further stated that "It (would be) better (if) the State of Israel stood in the way of incendiary and violent elements of our society and not of peaceful Jews seeking to fulfill their commandments."