'Israeli coronavirus victims in Japan are in good condition, receiving quality treatment'

Israeli delegation visits 3 Israeli citizens being treated in Japanese hospitals for coronavirus. 'The hospitals are treating them well.'

David Rosenberg ,

Revital Ben-Naim, Prof. Ran Nirpaz
Revital Ben-Naim, Prof. Ran Nirpaz
Foreign Ministry

An Israeli delegation visited three Israeli citizens hospitalized in Japan after being infected with the coronavirus while on board a cruise ship quarantined at Yokohama Port south of Tokyo.

The delegation included Israeli consul in Japan, Revital Ben-Naim, and Professor Ran Nirpaz, a senior Hadassah hospital doctor and expert on infectious diseases.

Ben-Naim and Nirpaz visited the three Israelis – a married couple and a woman – who have been held in isolation at two separate hospitals in Japan since they were diagnosed with coronavirus.

In a joint statement released through the Health Ministry and the Hadassah Medical Center, Ben-Naim and Nirpaz said the three Israelis were in good condition, and are being treated well by hospital staff.

“We are witnesses to the good care they are getting from the Japanese [hospital staff]. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation closely,” said Nirpaz.

“We received an update regarding the condition of the Israelis, and they appear to be in light condition.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced that the 12 other Israelis quarantined in Japan – who have not been diagnosed with coronavirus and currently are onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship – will be brought home to Israel on Thursday.

The 12 passengers will be flown on a specially chartered 14-seat private jet from Japan to Israel.

Once they arrive in Israel, the 12 passengers will be placed under quarantine at Sheba Medical Center.