Palestinian consensus against 'Deal of the Century'

PA leadership and Israeli Arab leadership agree to work together to thwart the US administration's peace plan.

Dalit Halevi ,

Protest in Ramallah against "Deal of the Century"
Protest in Ramallah against "Deal of the Century"
Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash 90

The National and Islamic Forces, the coordinating framework of the Palestinian Authority, and the Israeli Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, on Monday declared a full Palestinian consensus against the American peace initiative.

Following a meeting in Ramallah, a joint statement was issued saying that "the ‘Deal of the Century’ is the result of a Zionist-American alliance designed to eradicate the rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return of refugees, self-determination and the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state whose capital is East Jerusalem."

The participants at the meeting called for continued activity against Israel's policy that seeks to implement the “Deal of the Century” and stressed the need to expand public participation in protest events.

A mass demonstration of Israeli Arabs is planned for February 25, and other protests will take place until Land Day on March 30.