Deri: 'I pray that Likud grows and Yamina grows'

Interior Min. Deri says he hopes right-wing bloc grows, his party won't negotiate on its own.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aryeh Deri
Aryeh Deri
Photo by Flash90

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who chairs the Knesset's Sefardic-haredi Shas party, on Monday said that he hopes both the Yamina and Likud parties gain power.

When asked if he requested the Likud end its attacks on Yamina, he said: "I don't think we need to come to an agreement on why we need to attack each other. I pray that Yamina grows and that the Likud grows."

"I think the Likud understands that it's not worthwhile to attack Yamina, you need to work together. There's no reason to attack if we're all working together. We're all one bloc. What's important is that the bloc grows."

Deri also clarified that his party will not negotiate on its own.

"We will not hold any negotiations separate from the Likud - exactly as we did last time," he emphasized.

After the September 2019 elections, the leaders of the right-religious bloc signed an agreement to negotiate only as a group, represented by the Likud's negotiating team.

On Sunday, the right-religious party leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a right-wing government led by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"We will neither support nor join any government, except a Likud-run government with Binyamin Netanyahu at its head. We want to emphasize that we will not conduct any separate negotiations for the establishment of another government," the party leaders said then.