Labor MK: United Torah Judaism isn't a Zionist party either

MK Omer Barlev says that just as haredi party "is not Zionist" and is a legitimate coalition partner, so too are the Arab parties.

Michal Levy ,

Omer Barlev
Omer Barlev
Kobi Richter/TPS

MK Omer Barlev of the Labor Party on Saturday compared the haredi United Torah Judaism party to the Arab parties, claiming that, just as "United Torah Judaism is not Zionist" and is a legitimate partner in a coalition, there is no problem in forming a government supported by the Arab parties.

"A government with the outside support of part of the Joint List is completely legitimate. Don't forget that United Torah Judaism is also not Zionist and is considered a legitimate partner," said Barlev during an event he attended.

In his remarks, Barlev responded to the comments of Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz on the option of relying on the votes of the Arab parties in forming a coalition, and claimed Gantz was wrong in renouncing the Arab parties.

"Gantz's policy which publicly comes out against them is wrong, because if at least part of the Joint List does not support Gantz, then Netanyahu will form a government," said Barlev.