Sea of Galilee climbs 3.5 centimeters

Kinneret level rises following rains and swelled streams. Sea of Galilee missing 116 centimeters of water to upper red line.

Mordechai Sones ,

Island in Kinneret almost submerged
Island in Kinneret almost submerged
Shai Mizrachi/Kinneret Authority

The Sea of ​​Galilee rose by 3.5 centimeters in the last day, the Water Authority reported this morning. The reason for the increase is about 15 mm of rain falling over the lake and a slight increase in streams.

The lake level stands at 209 meters and 96 centimeters below sea level this morning. The level is only 116 centimeters lower than the top red line marking a full Kinneret.

The weather today will be clear to partly cloudy. There will be a further increase in temperatures that will be normal for the season. At night it will be cloudy to partly cloudy. In the northern valleys, visibility will be impaired by fog.

Tomorrow the weather will be partly cloudy to overcast with high-altitude clouds. Strong winds will blow in the northern mountains. In the coastal plain, lowlands, and northern Negev, temperatures will rise further and will be slightly higher than usual for the season.

On Shabbat the weather will be clear to partly cloudy. During the morning, strong winds will blow in the northern mountains. In the mountains and in the north, temperatures will rise and be higher than normal. During the night, it will rain in the north of the country, growing stronger and spreading gradually to the center of the country, accompanied by thunderstorms.

It is expected to rain on Sunday accompanied by thunderstorms in the north and in the center. There is a slight fear of flooding in the Jordan Valley, the Judean Desert, and the Dead Sea. The rain will gradually spread to the northern Negev. During the day the rain will weaken and become local. There will be a marked drop in temperatures.