PA Chairman Abbas calls Trump Mideast initiative 'full of holes like Swiss cheese'

PA Chairman to Security Council: 'Trump proposal perpetuates Israel's apartheid regime, rewards for occupation crimes.'

Mordechai Sones ,

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks at United Nations in New York
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas speaks at United Nations in New York

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas made a speech this evening to the United Nations, highlighting PA opposition to President Trump's Mideast initiative, which he claims is meant to "eliminate the Palestinian issue".

Speaking to the UN Security Council, Abbas said, "I have come here to ask for a just peace and to emphasize the Palestinians' opposition to the Deal of the Century.

"I'd like to mention the statements made by the UN Secretary-General, which pledged to stick to international decisions. Our opposition to the program is due to a breach of international decisions and the Arab peace initiative," the PA Chairman added.

According to him, "Trump's proposal goes against the two-state plan. It perpetuates Israel's apartheid regime and rewards it for its occupation crimes."

Abbas the statesman utilized poetic metaphor to articulate his assessment of President Trump's initiative: "The map of Palestine as proposed by Trump is full of holes like Swiss cheese," Abbas allegorized.

Responding to Abbas calling the Trump plan "Swiss cheese", Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at a rally in Bat Yam that "it isn't Swiss Cheese. It's the best plan for both Israel and the Palestinians, because it recognizes reality."

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