Soldiers and yeshiva students restore Yitzhar spring destroyed by Arabs

After site of spring near Yitzhar yeshiva burned, yeshiva students and Givati fighters get to work and restore the site to active use.

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Soldiers and yeshiva students restore site of spring
Soldiers and yeshiva students restore site of spring
Courtesy of Od Yosef Chai

Arabs from the village of Adama near Yitzhar burned and destroyed the spring which is located on the northern slopes of the community, at the foot of Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva.

Last week, students from the Od Yosef Chai and Dorshei Yechudcha yeshivas, along with soldiers from the Givati Brigade, renovated the spring, bringing it back to active use.

The spring, which is known as Maayan Dorshei, consists of several fountains, an ancient pool, and a water drainage pit. In recent years, the spring pool has been cleaned and renovated by the students of the yeshiva through careful and continued efforts, and tables and wooden surfaces have been built for the benefit of the many visitors and hikers who visit the place.

The yeshiva students worked hard to repair the damage done to the place they had developed with devotion. Last week the students received assistance from Givati ​​fighters stationed in Yitzhar. The students and the soldiers returned the spring to activity.

Matania Gavrieli, manager of Od Yosef Chai, said: "During times when there is talk about a Palestinian state in the Deal of the Century, it is important for us to expand the boundaries of the community further. The activity together with the students, and especially in this case with the participation of the soldiers, strengthens our hold on the Land and creates positive avenues of activity for Jewish settlement in all the areas of Judea and Samaria.”