What happens if the coronavirus comes to the PA?

Tamar Yonah thinks that Israel must take the reigns if and when the coronavirus makes its way to this region.

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Coronavirus positive
Coronavirus positive

Over 50,000 workers from the Palestinian Authority arrive in Israel every day for their jobs.

If and when the devastating virus reaches the PA, Mahmoud Abbas’ poorly run and trained health system will be incapable of adequately identifying, treating and isolating those infected and those at risk.

Once the virus is here among us all and spreading, it will be of little use for Palestinian Arabs to fall back on Israeli health facilities and services that would already be stretched to the limit.

Tamar Yonah says that the coronavirus does not distinguish between border lines or between Arab and Jew, yet these two entities will handle this virus much differently, and how they do may be the ruin of one, or both.

In her opinion, Israel must take the reigns if and when the corona virus makes its way to this region.