Soldiers from Asian country with coronavirus outbreak training with IDF in Israel

IDF reportedly allows joint military exercise to proceed so as not to harm relations between Israel and the unnamed Asian country.

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Coronavirus blood test (illustrative)
Coronavirus blood test (illustrative)

Soldiers from an Asian country in which the coronavirus has broken out arrived over the weekend in Israel, and are now training with the IDF at a base in southern Israel.

Tzachi Dabush of Galei Tzahal reported on "Good Morning Israel" with Efi Triger that, despite concern over the spread of the virus, the IDF decided to allow the joint military exercise to take place as planned, so as not to harm relations between Israel and the unnamed Asian country. IDF officials cited in the report said that the exercise was considered an “important” one.

According to the report, the Asian soldiers are allowed to move freely through the base, and are in direct contact with IDF soldiers within the context of the training.

At the same time, IDF doctors are checking the Asian soldiers several times a day for symptoms of the virus, and preparations and have been made to allow for quarantine of any soldiers in whom symptoms are detected.

The IDF said in response: “All required medical inspections have been undertaken and even intensified. At the moment, there is no concern about infection from coronavirus during the joint activity. The IDF is acting in accordance with the instructions of the health ministry and the chief medical officer, so as to prevent those in the service of the IDF from being infected, and to maintain their health and wellbeing.”