'What is happening feels like a deception'

Judea and Samaria leaders consider intensifying efforts for sovereignty. "Concerned that national camp may lose rule."

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Dagan and Netanyahu
Dagan and Netanyahu
Prime Minister's Spokesperson

The heads of Judea and Samaria authorities decided to intensify the fight for sovereignty this week.

At a meeting attended by senior leaders of Judea and Samaria, options were considered, including the holding of demonstrations and protests, hunger strikes and even non-activation of activists on election day.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan refused to comment on the plan, but said, "The Israeli public expects sovereignty. Unfortunately, what has happened in recent days feels like a deception. The maps have already been worked on for a week and a half, and there is serious concern about missing a historic opportunity, and also that the national camp may lose rule. The public expects this change. We will not let anyone, even someone we like, to miss a historic opportunity. If sovereignty is not applied, the struggle must be intensified."

Heads of the Judea and Samaria Authority opened a protest tent last week in front of the Prime Minister's Office, demanding sovereignty.

Among other things, the council has been campaigning both in Israel and in the US with the evangelical public.