Jerusalem court extends arrest of terrorist who rammed soldiers

Relatives of Jerusalem Arab who ran down a dozen IDF soldiers deny ramming was act of terrorism. Court accepts police request for remand.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sanad al-Turman, suspect in ramming attack on soldiers
Sanad al-Turman, suspect in ramming attack on soldiers
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

A Jerusalem Arab arrested on suspicion of running down a dozen IDF soldiers in a terrorist attack in the capital was remanded Friday, after a Jerusalem court accepted a police request to extend the suspect’s arrest.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended the arrest of 25-year-old Sanad al-Turman by 10 days on Friday, after security officials pushed back on claims by al-Turman’s relatives that the ramming incident Thursday was an accident and not a deliberate attack.

Early Thursday morning, al-Turman drove his car into a group of IDF soldiers from the Golani Brigade, who had been visiting the Western Wall in the capital.

Al-Turman injured 14 soldiers, 12 of whom were evacuated to the hospital for treatment. One of the soldiers suffered serious injuries in the ramming.

Immediately after he ran down the soldiers, al-Turman fled the scene, but was later located and arrested by Israeli police.

Relatives claimed the incident was an accident, not a terrorist attack, and that al-Turman had fled the scene because he was “scared”.

“He got into an accident and got scared, so he ran away,” said al-Turman’s brother.

“He didn’t meant for this to happen,” the brother continued, adding that he handed al-Turman over to authorities.

“He wasn’t captured, I handed him over.”

But Israeli security officials disputed the family’s claims, saying al-Turman didn’t simply drive off after the ramming, but smashed through a roadblock.

Officials also noted that al-Turman had made a number of social media posts prior to the attack which point towards terrorism.

“Whoever seeks peace with the enemy is living under an illusion,” al-turman wrote in one post. “Never surrender.”