Netanyahu on MK Yair Golan: He's lost it

Former Deputy Chief of Staff blames the right for the wave of terrorist attacks, claims "the annexation hysteria inflamed the area."

Ben Ariel ,

Yair Golan
Yair Golan
Kobi Richter/TPS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that MK Yair Golan (Labor-Gesher-Meretz) has "lost it", after Golan blamed the right for the wave of terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Golan responded to Netanyahu, "When anyone who tells the truth is immediately labeled ‘mentally ill,’ it's no wonder everyone is silent. Bibi, Bennett, maybe I'm not exactly the leftist man you have gotten used to, but the shouts of hysteria from the right won't scare me, I'll keep telling the truth."

Earlier, Golan was interviewed by Channel 13 News and claimed that "the annexation hysteria, as if it is what the State of Israel needs most, it most certainly inflamed the area.”

"We have a plan that is nothing more than an election spin, because anyone who wants to promote peace brings both sides to the negotiating table and does not launch a plan with only one side present, and then there are hysterical statements by the Israeli right about annexation," continued Golan, a former Deputy IDF Chief of Staff.

When asked if the right is responsible for the wave of terror, he replied, “I'm sorry to say - yes, all these statements, it's just irresponsible. Netanyahu knows that it is impossible to come out with an annexation initiative and all of these announcements are meant to collect votes ahead of the elections. This is a national irresponsibility."

The Yamina party blasted Golan following his remarks, saying, "A radical left-wing man who ‘identifies processes’ while the terror victims are still fighting for their lives sits in the studio and blames the right for terrorism against Jews. Yair Golan again illustrated this evening the danger of a left-wing-Arab government. Yair Golan - Shame on you.”

The words “identifies processes” is a reference to Golan’s comments from 2016 in which he hinted that he sees in Israel evidence of the same processes that occurred in Europe before the Holocaust.

Golan came under fire for those comments as well, with bereaved families speaking out against his candidacy for the post of Chief of Staff. Golan ultimately was not appointed to the position.