You don’t have to be Jewish to love G-d, Torah and Israel

Introducing Jerusalem Lights: Torah for everyone. Universal lessons in emunah for everyday life.

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Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long
Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long

Welcome to the dynamic new "Jerusalem Lights" podcast! Rabbi Chaim Richman in Jerusalem teams up with long-time friend, author and filmmaker Jim Long in Arkansas.

In this first episode, our hosts get off to a running start, sharing their mutually shared vision of a global Torah revolution as foreseen by the prophets of Israel.

Jim Long recounts gripping details about how he, as a non-Jew, came to be committed to Torah and the belief in the One G-d of Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Richman shares his passion for bringing the light of Torah to all people, and shares insights in this week's Torah portion of parashat B'Shalach, always emphasizing the universal, life-changing lessons and challenges of emunah that are the central theme of this week's Torah portion.