'Perfect Shabbat' for girls in Bet Elazraki Children’s Home

In Emunah Bet Elazraki Children’s Home, a Shabbat for parents of the National Service girls was a 'perfect Shabbat.'

Orly Harari ,

סיירת בית הילדים
סיירת בית הילדים
Ayelet Isaakiel

On Saturday, the Bet Elazraki Children’s Home hosted an annual Shabbat (Sabbath) for the young women who do National Service at the home, as well as their parents.

Yehuda Cohen, Manager of the Emunah Bet Elazraki Children’s Home, explained: "This weekend, we hosted the annual Shabbat for all of the wonderful girls who fill their national service duties here and their beloved parents. Beyond having the pleasure of their presence, the parents were given the opportunity to get to know each other and to personally see our home, which is also a second home to their daughters. They got the chance to get a glimpse of where their daughters sleep, work and even the nature of her work, with whom she shares her time. They got to really breathe in the atmosphere. Sometimes you really need to experience something to understand it."

"The Shabbat was amazing, the connection with the parents was perfect, but most of all, the parents' pride in their daughters filled the air. Particularly the sense of pride as a result of the new sides of their daughters they discovered, by unraveling what they do, and their capabilities.

"Parents also discovered how much strength their daughters have. This pride came with the realization that these young girls basically play a parenting role here themselves, because the essence of parenting is to always be there for your child, and that is what these wonderful girls do here day after day during their National Service.

"They are always here for every girl and boy - waking them up in the morning and putting them to sleep at night, worrying about them, playing with them, helping them with their homework, accompanying them to a doctor appointment, going to parents' meetings in school, wiping a tear, sharing a secret, hugging, encouraging and more."

Cohen added that "for the Children's Home staff members, it was an opportunity to get to know the people responsible for creating such unique and wonderful girls, and to personality thank them for raising such incredible personalities."

"Being together this Shabbat was exciting to say the least," he emphasized.

The program included including interesting discussions, lectures, delicious food, uplifting prayer services and heartfelt presentations given by the girls themselves, by Cohen, and also by Asia, a Children's Home graduate who currently works as a coordinator.

"At the end of this spectacular Shabbat honoring the distinguished National Service group, family ties and special bonds were made between everyone that attended, the mutual appreciation intensified and we all were left with great happiness and in anticipation for next time," Cohen said.