Gafni: We remain loyal to the right

Chairman of Degel Hatorah makes clear that his party remains loyal to the right-wing camp.

Michal Levy ,

Moshe Gafni
Moshe Gafni
Sraya Diamant

MK Moshe Gafni, chairman of the Degel Hatorah faction of the haredi United Torah Judaism party, made clear on Monday that his party remains loyal to the right-wing camp.

"Unlike other parties, we are more connected to Netanyahu," Gafni said in an interview with the haredi station Radio Kol Barama, and, taking a jab at Shas, added, "There are parties that did not always go with the right. For us it’s an instruction and it’s a way, we do not zigzag. Others I'm not sure have always gone with the right, I would recommend that the public check."

He later claimed that United Torah Judaism helps all sectors of Israel. "Nobody has ownership of the public in Israel. We help everyone, including Rabbi [Yaakov] Litzman in the Ministry of Health, myself in the Finance Committee and others on any other issue."

"We turn to the public in religious Zionism, we turn to the Sephardic public and we also turn to the Lithuanian public, anyone who finds a sympathetic ear in us throughout the year, who is helped by us, that we are helping him, his institutions and his family, I ask him to vote for us so that we can continue to help you better. No one will tell us who to turn to and who not to turn to," Gafni said.