Poll: Left-wing bloc up as right-wing - religious bloc falters

Right-wing bloc loses its edge over the Left in latest poll as Yamina falls, Blue & White, Labor-Meretz gain momentum.

David Rosenberg ,

Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz
יהונתן ולצר ואיתן אלחדז / TPS

The left-wing – Arab bloc has taken the lead over the right-wing – religious bloc, a new poll shows, though the Left remains short of the 61-seat majority needed to form a government.

According to a Midgam poll published Friday morning by Walla!, if new elections were held today, the left-wing – Arab bloc would receive 57 seats, the same number it currently holds and two more than the Midgam poll last week projected.

The right-wing – religious bloc, on the other hand fell from 57 seats in last week’s poll to 55 seats on Friday.

Yisrael Beytenu, which has called for a national unity government, remained stable at eight seats.

The results for most parties were identical with last week’s Midgam poll: the Likud is projected to win 32 seats, the same number as in last week’s poll and the same number it won in the September election; United Torah Judaism remains at seven seats, while Shas holds steady at eight seats.

The Joint Arab List, which won 13 seats in the last election and was projected in last week’s poll to retain its 13 seats again received 13 seats in Friday’s poll.

The right-wing Yamina party, however, fell from 10 seats in last week’s poll to eight seats in Friday’s.

The center-left Blue and White party gained one seat this week, rising from 34 to 35 seats, while the Labor-Meretz alliance also gained one seat, rising from eight seats in last week’s poll to nine in this week’s.

The right-wing Otzma Yehudit party, which was barred from joining the Yamina list, falls short of the 3.25% electoral threshold, receiving just 2.2% of the vote, compared to 2.0% in last week’s poll.

Latest Midgam Poll/Last week/(Previous Election)

Blue and White: 35/34/(33)
Likud: 32/32/(32)
Joint Arab List: 13/13/(13)
Yisrael Beytenu: 8/ 8/ (8)
Labor-Meretz: 9/ 8/ (11)
Shas: 8 / 8/ (9)
UTJ: 7/ 7/ (7)
Yamina: 8/10/(7)
Otzma Yehudit: 0/ 0/ (0)