Snow and more snow: Hermon site opens tomorrow for visitors and skiers

Snow level on lower level about 90 cm and top about 130 cm. Site team working hard to clear traffic routes.

Mordechai Sones ,

Snow on Hermon
Snow on Hermon
Patrol ski team, Hermon site

The Hermon site will open tomorrow for visitors and skiers.

Over the last two days, about 15 cm of snow were added to the lower level and 40 cm to the upper level. A fresh, dry, high-quality snow layer replenished the snow layer from the previous system.

The snow on the lower level stands at about 90 cm and at the top at about 130 cm. The site team is working hard to clear traffic routes of snow.

The temperature is expected to be lower than normal in coming days at the Hermon site, so it is recommended to wear warm clothing and layers.

Last night and this morning light snow fell in the high neighborhoods of Tzfat and also on the peaks of Psagot, Ofra, and Beit El in Binyamin, Har Bracha in Shomron and in several localities in Gush Etzion.

The Sea of Galilee rose by 7 cm in the past day and now stands at 210.595 meters below sea level. The full Sea of Galilee is missing 1.795 meters.