Brooklyn: 11-year-old Jewish girl killed in apartment fire

'Have you seen my daughter?' Mother's frantic call to neighbor after fire breaks out in Kensington home in Brooklyn, leaving one dead.

David Rosenberg ,

Firefighter (stock image)
Firefighter (stock image)

One person was killed and another injured after a fire broke out in a private residence in the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York over night.

The fire broke out at around 10:00 p.m. Monday night at Ocean Parkway, near Foster Avenue police said Tuesday morning.

“There was a burst of fire, everything was orange,” 16-year-old Alex Shamailov, a neighbor, told The New York Post.

Firefighting teams were dispatched to the scene to extinguish the blaze and evacuate residents left inside the building.

An eleven-year-old girl was seriously injured after suffering from smoke inhalation, authorities said. She was found by firefighters inside the building. The girl is said to have been unconscious and unresponsive when firefighters discovered her.

She was evacuated via ambulance to Maimonides Medical Center, where doctors declared her dead.

The girl has been identified by most outlets as Shirr Teved, while Yeshiva World News identified her as Shira Teved, and claimed she was 12 years old.

One person, a firefighter, was injured during the blaze, and was evacuated to Cornell Medical Center, where he is listed in stable condition.

Madelyn Novitsky, a neighbor and teacher of the girl killed in the fire, said she received frantic call from the girl’s mother about an hour after the fire broke out.

“She called me at around 11 and said ‘have you seen my daughter’. I said ‘I have no idea’ and quickly threw on my robes and came down to see,” Novitsky told The Post.

“She said she heard about a fire. But she wasn’t that coherent. She wanted to know if her daughter is ok. I said I have no idea.”

Police said Tuesday morning that there are no signs of foul play in connection with the fire.