Yair Netanyahu blasts Knesset Speaker

PM's son writes tweet against Edelstein's father-in-law, deletes it a short time later.

Ben Ariel ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, returned to the headlines on Sunday night after he attacked Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Twitter.

The strongly worded attack came shortly after Edelstein announced that the Knesset will convene next week to begin deliberations on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s request for parliamentary immunity.

"His wife's father is Leonid Nevzlin. An oligarch who is wanted for murder in Russia, and the owner of the Haaretz newspaper. It is only because of the money he is pouring in that the newspaper has not gone bankrupt," Yair Netanyahu wrote.

He deleted the tweet a short while later.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's associates reacted to the Knesset Speaker's decision, saying, "It is sad to see Edelstein falling into the trap of the left. He allows himself to turn the Knesset into a political circus during an election by lending his hand to the ploys of the leftists who are trying to use the Knesset only to neutralize Netanyahu."

"No matter how much the media and the left embrace the Speaker of the Knesset, he will never be able to escape responsibility for this. His decision de facto states that the Prime Minister's affairs will be decided politically and not as matter-of-factly and judiciously as the law requires," the associates continued.

"It is clear to everyone that the left's craze to discuss Netanyahu's request stems from two main reasons: One - this will be used in their 'anyone but Bibi' election campaign, and two - they are counting on a petition to the court that will determine that Netanyahu cannot be tasked with forming a government after the indictment is filed, as is it is known to everyone that the court has not taken this option off the table. It is undisputed that everything is in Yuli Edelstein's hands, he can still prevent the terrible injustice that will be inflicted on the Prime Minister, the right and the entire country, it is not too late to fix,” they concluded.

Edelstein announced earlier on Sunday that the Knesset plenum will convene next Tuesday to begin hearings on Netanyahu’s request, after 25 Knesset Members called on him to bring the immunity request to the Knesset for consideration.

Edelstein said the hearings would be pushed off until next week because of the arrival of foreign leaders in Israel this week for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, set to be held in Jerusalem.

“This is a very important week for Israel politically, during which dozens of leaders from around the world will visit Israel and the Knesset, and I will not allow [political] scuffles in the Knesset, which would be unacceptable at any time, and which would constitute a disgrace for the legislature.”