IDF jeep hit by train in southern Israel, injuring one

Passengers evacuated after train collides with army vehicle near Dimona in southern Israel, injuring one.

David Rosenberg ,

Train (stock)
Train (stock)

An Israeli army jeep was damaged Sunday night when it was struck by a train after it tried to cross train tracks near Dimona in southern Israel.

In a violation of IDF protocol, the driver of the jeep attempted to cross the train tracks before the approaching train passed, but was unable to cross in time.

The soldiers inside the jeep managed to escape before the train collided with the vehicle. No injuries were reported among the IDF soldiers.

The train’s conductor, however, did suffer light injuries in the collision, and was treated at the scene by emergency first responders before being evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.

No injuries have been reported among the train’s passengers.

Fifteen passengers were evacuated from the train after the accident.

The train involved in the crash has been taken out of service until a technician can verify that it is fit for continued use.

An IDF spokesperson said the incident was under investigation.