Snow in Jerusalem?

Rains to continue through first half of the week. Snow possible in southern mountains on Tuesday as temperatures fall below seasonal norms.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jerusalem snow
Jerusalem snow
Flash 90

There is a chance of snow in the northern Golan Heights and the mountains of central Israel this Tuesday.

The weekend rain intensified Sunday morning, while it snowed on Mount Hermon. Tomorrow it will rain in the north and center, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.

There is concern over flooding in the rivers of Judea and the Dead Sea area. Winds will intensify and temperatures will be lower than normal.

On Tuesday, rains will continue. There is a chance of snow in the central mountains, including Jerusalem. Temperatures will drop further and become colder than the seasonal average.

On Wednesday the rain will continue. Temperatures will rise slightly but will remain below normal for the season.