76,000 lives have already been saved by the EFRAT organization

'We're saving future generations': Dr. Eli Schussheim on EFRAT's activities and how the organization has saved 76,000 lives to date.

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Baby in hospital
Baby in hospital

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The Shabbat (Sabbath) we read the Torah portion of Shemot, when we read about the midwives who "gave life to the children," is a special Shabbat for the EFRAT organization which provides aid to women who find themselves in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy.

Efrat Chairman Dr. Eli Schussheim, noted with pride that his organization has already saved the lives of over 76,000 Jewish children.

"Each and every day in the past 43 years, I have devoted myself to this, and every day we're saving dozens of children, and over 3,000 each year.

"We know about Pharaoh's decrees, which are written in Shmot, but the reality today is that each year we lose nearly 40,000 babies. What we're always looking for is how to save more lives. Not by protests and changes in legislation, but by solving the problems faced by the women who want to bring a child into this world, but are stressed due to their financial situations and who are often forced to end their pregnancies."

EFRAT provides women with baby equipment, as well as diapers, wipes, and formula. Families in need also receive boxes of food each month.

Dr. Schussheim also responded to the criticism often directed at his organization. "I'm actually happy we get criticism. But none of those criticizing us visited us here to get to know us directly and understand that we're one of the most liberal and feminist organizations. I never told a woman not to perform an abortion, but as a doctor I can offer her the opportunity to continue the pregnancy. Out of all the times we've saved [a baby], there hasn't been one woman who regretted bringing that child into this world. On the other hand, I've never met a single woman who had an elective abortion who didn't come out of it with emotional scars."

Praising the organization's volunteers - many of whom were helped by EFRAT - he said: "I get very emotional about every child who we helped save. It's so simple, the moment we have the means to provide a woman with what she needs in order to continue the pregnancy. Whoever saves a child doesn't save just that child, but all of his descendants as well."

"What hurts me....is the thought of how many more children we could have saved if we had the means to promise those women at least two years of support and accompaniment and bring those families happiness."

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