Goldin family: Netanyahu and Bennett surrender to terror

Missing IDF soldier's family angry following that Israel intends to release two security prisoners.

Hezki Baruch ,

Goldin family
Goldin family
Sraya Diamant/TPS

Leah and Simcha Goldin, the parents of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin whose body is being held by Hamas in Gaza, received unofficial reports on Wednesday that the Israeli government intends to release two security prisoners who have been in Israeli prison in recent years after committing a series of terrorist acts.

The reports from Gaza indicate that one of the terrorists had already been transferred to Gaza via the Erez crossing.

"Netanyahu's and Bennett's response to the missile fire on the Gaza envelope this afternoon is the release of two terrorists from the Israeli prison to Gaza," Hadar's parents said.

"This wanton government works against the sacred core values ​​of the IDF and the State of Israel, and does not place the return of the soldiers from the battlefield and the concern for civilians at the top of its list of priorities," they added.