New 'Kol Hanashim' women's party to submit list of 120 candidates for Knesset

New women's party says it's 'neither Right nor Left,' aims for '50-50' representation.

Chana Roberts ,

Knesset plenum
Knesset plenum

A new women's party, Kol Hanashim, will submit its list of 120 Knesset candidates on Tuesday.

The party, which was recently approved by the Registrar of Political Parties, says it aims for "fifty-fifty" representation in the government, similar to women's representation in the general population.

Kol Hanashim, which plans to launch its site on January 22, claims it is "comprised of diverse women leaders from across the mosaic of Israeli society - right, left, religious, secular, Jewish, Arab, Ashkenazi, Mizrachi, veterans, immigrants, disabled, LGBTQ, single-parent, and more."

The new party's board of directors includes Dr. Mazal Shaul, Sharon Roffe Ofir, Dr. Elana Sztokman, Yael Kehat, Attorney Effy Fadida, Hanan Kabub Ablasi, and Talia Omer.

Its platform states that Kol Hanashim "strives to advance women's leadership" and members "share an ethos and the belief that Israel needs women leaders in order to bring about creative and humane solutions to topics that are important to women - such as equal pay, education, violence prevention, and the exclusion of women - as well as issues that affect everyone, such as economics, welfare, transportation, peace, and security."

It also states that the party is "neither right nor left, but something else."

"We believe that the discourse of 'right-left' splits Israeli society in unnecessary ways," it reads.

Kol Hanashim has not responded to request for comment.