Miri Regev: 'Leah Tsemel got thrashed twice'

Culture Minister welcomes halted appointment of Leah Tsemel to chair Military Court Committee and her film's failure to make Oscar nominee.

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Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Culture and Sport Minister Colonel (res.) Miri Regev welcomed the decision to freeze the appointment of Attorney Leah Tsemel to chair the Military Court Committee at the Israel Bar Association.

"Terrorist's attorney Leah Tsemel was thrashed twice today. First, her appointment to chair the Military Court Committee was frozen. The very tenure of those who represent despicable terrorists whose sole purpose is to murder Israelis is a spit in the faces of the bereaved families and IDF soldiers," said Regev.

"It's our duty to fight terror and certainly not to give a platform and support to terrorists and those who defend and represent them. I urge the chairman of the Bar, Avi Chimi, not to be content with freezing her appointment but immediately dismiss her from office."

Regev also said "The film that documents Tsemel's operations and sends a message that supports and gives backing to terrorists was ultimately not included in the list of finalists for the Oscars.

"While the U.S. is eliminating Soleimani and fighting global terror, the last thing Americans and the world want is to idealize terrorists on screen. We all want to see them eliminated," the Culture Minister added.

Miri Regev
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