"Relgious Zionism is a Cancer"
Author claims religious Zionism 'was benign but now a cancer'

Author Haim Be’er claims religious Zionism 'brutal,' will 'kill homosexuals.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haim Be'er
Haim Be'er

Author Haim Be’er used sharp words to describe religious Zionism in an interview with Roni Kuban on the “Meeting Up with Ronnie Kuban” program that will be broadcast this evening (Sunday) on Channel 11 News.

Kuban asked Be’er, “How do you look at religious Zionism today?” and Be’er answered, “Like a benign tumor that has become cancerous. After many years, you have learned to live with this ‘growth’ and now it suddenly it metastasizes. That’s especially the feeling I get when Smotrich talks about a ‘country of halacha (Jewish law),’ which is absolute madness,” Be’er added. “I keep Shabbat, I go to the synagogue and love to pray, but I consider myself religious without the grandstanding, and I am horrified by the vulgarity and brutality that I see in the religious Zionist sector,” Be’er accusingly remarked. “In my eyes it’s not Jewish. This is a side of Judaism that always existed but was kept under wraps. Now, however, it has broken out into the open.”

Kuban then asked Be’er, “Where will religious Zionism lead if it succeeds in its mission?” to which Be’er responded, “To another country in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia. A thin layer of rich people on top with lots of servants underneath them.”

In Be’er’s words, “When it comes to homosexuality, conversion therapy will be the least of our worries. They will kill the homos even while saying that ‘this could never happen here.’”