PM examines joint run of all right-wing parties

PM Netanyahu examines possibility of joint run between Likud, other right-wing parties to prevent loss of seats due to electoral threshold.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

leaders of right-wing parties meet Netanyahu
leaders of right-wing parties meet Netanyahu

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is examining the possibility of a joint list in which all right-wing parties would run together in the upcoming elections in March, the Walla website reported.

The haredi parties Shas and United Torah Judaism would not be included in such a list.

According to the report, the prime minister commissioned extensive surveys in which he examined two options: consolidating the entire right bloc into one list in a technical block and running together without the haredi parties.

The issue is being considered because of the fear that at least one of the religious Zionist parties will not clear the electoral threshold and will not make it into the next Knesset, preventing the Likud from being able to form a coalition again.

A Likud official said the possibility of a list that included all parties in the non-haredi right would yield significantly better results than a separate run by each party.

Netanyahu's official decision has not yet been made, but he discussed the issue with a number of senior members of his party.