'Greatest revenge against anti-Semitism is expressing pride in our Judaism'

Dirshu to hold 'Superbowl of Torah learning' at Israel's largest stadium. 'Greatest revenge is pride in our Judaism - like these events.'

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The Dirshu event at Binyanei Ha'uma
The Dirshu event at Binyanei Ha'uma
Nachman Rothstein

Among the torrent of hate crimes against Jews, from the Jersey City attack to the massacre in Monsey, NY, Dirshu, the largest Torah organization in the world, is holding a series of events to celebrate the completion of the Talmud and its 7 1/2 year cycle.

The Siyum Hashas, which has been dubbed the “Superbowl of Torah learning,” is a celebration of an extraordinary milestone.

During these perilous times for Jews worldwide, the events also serve the purpose of transmitting the message that we as a community refuse to conform or be intimidated. In light of the upsurge of attacks specifically targeting members of the haredi community, many have suggested that this community is specifically being targeted because they are most easily identified as Jews, given their garb and the outer trappings they wear; religious Jews, however refuse to remove the kippas (skullcaps) or other parts of their attire that might easily identify them Jews.

"The greatest revenge against perpetrators of anti-Semitism is expressing pride in our Judaism; and that's exactly what these events promise to be." said Josh Nass, a spokesperson for Dirshu. "This organization was created by the son of a Holocaust survivors in order to return Jewish learning to the levels it was at before the war."

"What could possibly be a more fitting response to these terrorists and their horrific crimes against our people than 150,000 Jews banding together worldwide to celebrate Jewish learning, with the utmost levels of pride?"

The organization began its worldwide tour and series of events the final night of Hanukkah to a sold-out crowd at one of Israel's largest arenas, Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem's International Convention Center. They then moved onto Manchester where hate crimes against Jews are unfortunately all too common.

This Thursday night, Dirshu will be returning to Israel to Israel's single largest stadium, Yad Eliyahu.

Other venues for their celebrations are located throughout Europe and South America. The tour will culminate in NJ at the Prudential Center on February 9th.