Haifa's most popular attraction - Escape Room

The word 'escape' does not conjure positive associations, as it conveys a sense of fear or defeat.

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 Escape Room
Escape Room

Haifa's most popular attraction - Escape Room

The word "escape" does not bring us positive associations, as it conveys a sense of fear or defeat. But there is one place where escape means victory, in an escape room. Haifa's escape rooms are offered to the general public and invite everyone to enjoy a meaningful and fascinating experience.

So, how does it work?

Each room has its own theme (concept) that ranges from fantasy, mystery, detective or any kind of everyday life. Before entering the room, tell the story and recruit you for a special mission. For example, if you chose a real detective escape room, you would become the FBI agents who needed to locate the bombed bomb in New York, while solving a large number of puzzles along the way. After the explanation, you are taken into a special room (in fact, these are usually some rooms that can also include warehouses or basements) that has puzzles and clues that will lead you to the end goal, which you need to solve within 60 minutes. Typically, the room is for a number of participants ranging from 2 to 7. It is recommended to have at least 3-4 participants, so you can share the work and solve all the clues quickly.

Rooms of all kinds

Besides a real detective escape room, there are other and different escape rooms depending on the concept you like. For example, an escape room The Lord of the Rings takes you into a whole world of fantasy and imagination. You have to find the ring that the Dark Lord has witched, destroy it and save the world. If you love scary escape rooms, the "Saw" escape room is the perfect room for you. In this room you have 60 minutes to escape from a psychopath threatening to murder you, otherwise your fate will be unpleasant. And if you want to try your luck and escape from prison, try Escape Room "Agent 007", where you become the British Intelligence Agency MI-6 sent to North Korea to prevent nuclear missile launches. Don't know what Room to choose? You don't have to. Because when you only have an hour for each room, you can try 2-3 rooms a day, and maybe even more.

From the variety of escape rooms, you can choose the room that "speaks" to you most.

Celebrate Bar / Bat Mitzvah and run away

The escape rooms are designed to celebrate private events of all kinds. Bar / Bat Mitzvah in the Escape Room is one of the more original ideas available today. If you want to do something special for a bride or groom, take them to an escape room. Beyond that, this is an event that can definitely be done in complete separation. You can organize a day of good friends celebrating bat mitzvah and running away, and a day of good friends spending time together in the wonderful room.

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