Kinneret rises nine centimeters in one day, 51 since beginning of winter

Rain, hail, and flooding expected to continue after rainy weekend.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Following a rainy weekend, which saw floods that led to the deaths of at least four people, Water Authority records show that the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose nine centimeters (3.54") since Sunday, bringing it to 211.39 meters below sea level.

Since the beginning of the rainy season, the Kinneret has risen 51 centimeters (20.07"), 2.59 meters below the upper red line signaling that the lake is full.

The Mount Hermon Visitors Center announced that it would open Monday morning to traffic. The cable cars and other attractions will be open in accordance with the weather. Sixty centimeters (1.9') of snow have fallen on the mountain's lower slopes, while its upper slopes have received a meter (3.28') of snow.

Monday's weather will be partly cloudy or clear, and temperatures will rise to seasonal average. Strong winds will blow along the coast.

Monday night will be partly cloudy, with harsh winds along the coastline.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy, with local rainfall in northern Israel. Harsh winds will blow in most areas of the country, and there may be haze in southern and central Israel. Temperatures will drop to below seasonal average.

Wednesday will see intermittent rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms and hail in northern Israel. Over the course of the day, the rain will spread gradually to central Israel. Harsh winds will blow and there will be haze in southern Israel. Snow will fall on Mount Hermon, and there will be an additional drop in temperatures. There may be flooding along the coast.

On Thursday, there will be intermittent rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms, mostly in central Israel and the Negev. Southern and eastern streams may flood, and there is a chance of flooding along the coast as well. Temperatures will be lower than seasonal average.