Elevator disaster
'Dean and Stav were pure, you saw it in their eyes'

Friend of Dean Shoshani who was killed in elevator flooding in Tel Aviv speaks about him.

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Dean Shoshani and Stav Harari
Dean Shoshani and Stav Harari
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Yael Cohen, a cook who worked with Dean Shoshani of blessed memory at a restaurant in Tel Aviv, on Sunday spoke of her former coworker who was killed along with his partner, Stav Harari, in the Tel Aviv elevator disaster on Saturday.

"We would call him Dino, he was one of the leading cooks. Dino was very talented. You could see how much love he put into his food. He never compromised on the quality of the dish. It was as if he put his heart on the table. He had a talent that was acquired over time. He worked at several restaurants before he came to us. He flourished here and he brought new ideas. You always felt his hand in the food,” Cohen told Radio 103FM.

What were his plans?

"He opened his own new place. He was just at the start of his life and it was very unfortunate for us that he left. Two weeks ago he came to eat together with Stav and we talked about the new place and about wanting to come to eat there. You couldn't miss his presence. There was joy in him."

And everything came to an end because of rain in the elevator.

"We just came back from the funeral. There were a lot of people there. It shows how many hearts this couple touched. Lots of young and old people were there. Lots of people from the neighborhood came. They were surrounded by lots of people. If there is one thing that is most powerful is that they were pure, you saw the purity in their eyes. They were such kindhearted people that you couldn't miss it."