IDF soldier returns to scene of terror attack in Beit El

Naveh Rotem, who was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack last year returned to the scene to recite a special blessing of gratitude.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rotem at the scene of the attack
Rotem at the scene of the attack
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Naveh Rotem, a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda unit who was seriously injured in a stabbing attack near Beit El in 2018, returned on Friday to the scene of the attack with his family and head of the Beit El council Shai Alon.

In December 2018, a terrorist who penetrated through a breach in the security wall snuck behind Rotem, who was standing guard at an outpost inside Beit El and stabbed him.

Rotem was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem in serious-to-moderate condition with serious injuries to his head and face.

He was treated by a team of neurosurgery, ENT, plastic and oral and maxillofacial specialists at Hadassah and was released from the hospital a week later.

Rotem returned to the scene of the attack on Friday to say the blessing recited upon being saved from danger as well as the blessing of "Blessed be the One who performed a miracle for me in this place."

Alon said that legal officials have forbidden the council to close the hole in the security fence as it is a private Palestinian area. "Indeed, today we're at the scene of the attack to say the blessing of being delivered from danger, but we could have paid a severe price in blood here if no miracle had occurred here."

Alon noted that there are additional places in Judea and Samaria where there are breaches in the fence due to legal officials' instructions. "The people who sit in the offices should come down to the area and make their decisions here rather than sitting at their desks."