Oren Hzan, Breaking the Silence spokesman compete in 'Big Brother' show

Former MK Oren Hazan, Breaking the Silence Spokesman Nir Avishai Cohen to compete in popular 'Big Brother' reality TV series.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Oren Hzan joins
Oren Hzan joins
Micha Loveton

Former Likud MK Oren Hazan is the new contestant in the latest season of the Israeli version of the popular Big Brother reality TV show.

Nir Avishai Cohen, the spokesperson for the ultra left-wing 'Breaking the Silence' organization, is also be a contestant on the show. Hazan, a firebrand right-wing politician, is expected to clash with Cohen throughout the season.

Hazan wrote to his wife on Twitter: "My Rinat, "I went into the [Big Brother] house to get some air and to beat in Zionism. You're invited to join. and participate. I love you."

Hazan is planned to participate in the show for one week only while other contestants will continue and compete to be the last to stay in the 'Big Brother' house.