Kinneret rises 5 centimeters since Thursday

Sea of Gaililee rises 42 centimeters so far this winter as heavy rains continue, currently sits at 2/68 meters below upper red line.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yvonne Levin, Kinneret Authority

The Kinneret (Seas of Galilee) has risen five centimeters (about 2 inches) since Thursday due to heavy rains.

The water level is currently 211 meters and 48 centimeters below sea level, according to the Water Authority.

The Kinneret has risen 42 centimeters (16.5 inches) in total since the beginning of the current rainy season and currently sits at two meters and 68 centimeters below the upper red line, which is considered the lake's maximum capacity.

The current rainfall is not over yet. In the north and in the center it will continue to rain throughout the day Sunday and there may be occasional thunderstorms. It will still be colder than usual and along the coast strong winds will continue to blow. At night it will be partly cloudy and local rainfall will occur in the north of the country.

Tomorrow the weather will be partly cloudy. Temperature will rise and will return to normal for the season. Strong winds will continue to blow along the coastal plain.

On Tuesday the weather will be cloudy. Local rain is expected in the north of the country. Strong winds will blow in most areas of the country. Heavy fog is expected in the south and may also be in the center. Temperatures will drop and will be colder than usual.

On Wednesday, rain is expected to be accompanied by occasional thunderstorms in the north and in the center. Strong winds will blow and fog is expected in the south of the country. There will be a further drop in temperatures. On the coastal plain there is concern of possible flooding.