Stormy weather expected in Israel over the weekend

Another weekend of rainy and cold weather is expected, with a significant amount of rain expected next week as well.

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Heavy rains (illustrative)
Heavy rains (illustrative)
Flash 90

The coming weekend is expected to be very stormy, cold and rainy. Forecaster Nahum Malik of Meteo Tech estimated that the peak of the storm will be on Saturday.

"Rain is falling on Thursday in the center and in the north accompanied by thunderstorms," Malik told Arutz Sheva. "The rain is expected to stop and be concentrated mainly in the north and perhaps a little in the south."

"Tomorrow night there will be heavy rainfall in the north that will reach the center and on Saturday it will be stormy with large amounts of rain falling especially on the coastal plain and flooding is expected in the lowlands."

He added that the rain will continue next week. "On Sunday, rain is expected that will weaken and on Monday there will be a let-up from the rain. But by the middle of next week, there is more heavy rain expected. We are in a good period of winter with large amounts of rain."

Malik noted that there has been a significant change in the amount of rain in recent weeks. "Up to a week ago, rainfall was lower than average in many areas of the country. Then there was a storm last weekend and the situation reversed with above-average rainfall in the north and in the center. Considering what we're forecasting, at least for the coming week, the situation will be excellent with above-average rainfall. It's a winter that started off well and has transformed into excellent."

And what about the entire winter? "January is considered to be the main winter month. There's been above-average rainfall in December and we're forecasting more rain in January which will be average or above-average. What remains to be seen is what February and March will bring."

"Usually when December and January are rainy, it draws the whole winter after it and there is usually at least an average amount of rainfall. If the pace continues as it has recently, we expect to have an even above-average rainfall this year."