Israel’s population hits 9.14 million

Israel's 6,772,000 Jews now make up 74.1% of the population, with the 1,916,000 Arabs making up 21% of Israel's population.

Marcy Oster, JTA ,

Israeli flags at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Israeli flags at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
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Israel’s population grew by 1.9 percent to 9.14 million in 2019.

The Central Bureau of Statistics released the statistics on Tuesday, the last day of 2019.

The breakdown of the population includes 6.772 million Jewish citizens, or 74.1 percent; 1.916 million Arab citizens, or 21 percent; and 448,000, or 4.9 percent, classified as “other,” including Russian-speaking immigrants who are not Jewish.

Some 177,000 new births were recorded in 2019, 74 percent to Jewish mothers and 22.3 percent to Arab mothers.

Just over one-fifth of the population increase, or 34,000, came from immigration, according to the bureau.