Golan Heights: 5-year-old killed after being thrown from his horse

A 5-year-old falls off his horse near Katzrin in the Golan Heigts, resulting in a fatal head injury.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Five-year-old Jordan Friedman was killed Thursday after falling off his horse while riding near the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

MDA crews summoned to the site administered emergency treatment and evacuated him by helicopter to Ziv Hospital in Safed (Tzfat) in critical condition but were forced to declare him dead upon arrival to the hospital.

"When we arrived on the scene, we saw a 5-year-old boy lying on the ground unconscious, who wasn't breathing and was without a pulse with a serious head injury," an MDA paramedic said.

"We were told that he had fallen off the horse while riding. We immediately started administering life-saving medical treatment and performing CPR, and we evacuated him to the hospital in critical condition with the help of an MDA helicopter that landed near the scene."