Another Look Inside the Tragedy That “Could Have Been Any Of Us”

Mother of five suddenly dies in her sleep one Shabbat morning, leaving five children and her husband struggling to recover.

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Another Look Inside
Another Look Inside
kupa haiir

Another Look Inside the Tragedy That “Could Have Been Any Of Us”

It was a shabbos morning last month, and the 5 Chayun children were still in bed. Suddenly, they were woken by the sound of slamming doors and rushing feet. One child peeked out from their bedroom door to see Hatzolah volunteers, their equipment in tow. They were confused: “Abba, what is going on?”

Yosef, their father, was at a loss.

Their mother Sima, a healthy young woman, had died in her sleep.

After agonizing attempts to resuscitate the young woman, medics announced that she was gone. Yosef, still reeling from shock, gathered his children, the eldest of whom is 9, and told them the news.

What has followed since has been a blur: Five children have reacted to the sudden loss of their mother as they could be expected to react. Yosef, a mohel, is unable to cover their expenses with only his income. Without help, they will not survive.

An emergency fund has been opened on their behalf. Those close to the family hope that this story will strike a chord in the hearts of all who hear it: Sima was a healthy woman, as most of us are, and in an instant she was gone. If the Jewish people can unite to help her children, it is a sign that all of our children will be taken care of.